Because you get one chance to connect with your new visitors, and that is through the words on your website.

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It would be great if you could personally reach out to every person who visits your site, meet up for some tea or coffee, and explain why they want your business in their life.

Unfortunately, that is not a practical solution considering the huge audience you want to reach.

Instead, it’s the writing on your site that will convey your message for you.

Therefore, that writing needs to be as passionate as you are about your business. It needs to be as persuasive as you would be if you could shake all your visitors’ hands and show them around.

The language of your site is your chance to show how you will change peoples’ lives for the better. It is your main tool for wowing your audience and winning over customers.

From compelling copy on your main pages to insightful articles on your blog that help people get familiar with your brand and fall in love with what you do, the language you use can make or break your business.

Choose words that find their way into your visitors’ hearts, and move them to action with their wallets. Read on to find out more about how my writing can help you achieve your business goals.



Blog & Article Writing

Blog & Article Writing

Win the hearts of your audience with genuinely helpful articles written in a friendly and engaging way. Get quality content that builds your brand authority and drives sales.

Branding & Conversion Copywriting

Branding & Conversion Copywriting

From bold homepage copy to detailed product descriptions, I show off what makes your brand special and how you will change your audience’s lives for the better.

Email Writing & Audit

Email Writing & Audit

Email marketing has an average ROI of 122%. I provide email writing, strategy, and audits that help you attain that level of success. Make your emails convert the way they should.

Not sure what you’d like yet? Contact me and we’ll talk about how I can best support your business goals.

What Clients Say

Sam found a way to get inside my head and articulate my brand’s mission and services exactly as I wanted them to be expressed. She is a skillful, savvy, premium writer, and I wouldn’t work with anybody else, especially when the success of my business is at stake.

Sam is friendly and flexible to work with, a pleasure all around. Whenever I need more writing done, I will always go back to her and pay for the best. A copywriter as skilled as Sam is a rare gem, I’m just glad I found her.

The articles Sam writes are thoughtful and compelling. She knows how to pull readers in with intriguing information and a friendly tone. A talented researcher as well, she packs her articles with knowledge and substance that our visitors have really responded to.

I absolutely recommend working with Sam if you’re looking for the highest quality professional writing. She will listen to your project goals and then put her writing to work for you, producing content that readers love.