Use the power of content to connect with your audience and convert them into paying clients and loving fans of what you do.

How do you feel when you encounter bland, boring, and sloppy writing? What does it make you think of the company that’s behind it?

Be better than your competition, and invest in content and language that make your business shine.


Choose me if you want…

  • Words so powerful, personal, and polished that they attract the exact clients you seek.

  • Language that illuminates what makes your brand special and what it stands for.

  • Articles packed with genuinely helpful and insightful information that will make your audience remember you.

Blog & Article Writing

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You want to be a brand that your audience knows and trusts. You want to show that you genuinely care and you’re here to make their lives easier.

The best way to do that? Give them thoughtful, well-researched articles free of charge.

When it comes time for them to make a purchase, guess which brand they will turn to? This is the power of content marketing.

I write impactful articles that get your audience to fall in love with your brand, trust your authority, and choose you over all the rest.

My Articles Include:

  • Thorough research and link attribution to reputable sources

  • SEO keyword inclusion in the title, first paragraph, and main content

  • 1 creative commons image

  • Up to three edit requests, if needed


Are you ready to build brand love and loyalty with articles your audience will love?


Save On Bulk Orders
If you’d like to order blog posts in bulk (5 or 10 posts over the space of a month, for example), we can discuss a discounted rate. Contact me to get a personalized quote.


Branding & Conversion Copywriting

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How do you turn a blank screen into magic?

How do you make your value, personality, and uniqueness jump off the page and into the hearts of your audience?

Everything you want people to know about your brand’s personality and mission should beam through their screens, starting with their first look at your home page all the way through to the email they got from you this morning. I’m here to help make your communications count.

  • Home Page writing

  • About Us writing

  • Product / Service Page writing

  • Landing Page writing

  • Email writing and audit, see below.

Let’s discuss your business, your target audience, and your vision for this project, so I can get your brand exactly right and come up with a personalized quote.


Email Writing & Audit

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Writing & Strategy

I compose email campaigns designed to speed up your sales cycle by motivating people to buy your product or service. Emails that will help you establish trust, stay top of mind, and make the sale.

  • Welcome & Onboarding

  • Post-Welcome Drip

  • Promo Campaign

  • Seasonal Campaign

  • Action-Triggered Series

  • Cart Abandon or Cancels

  • Re-engagement Campaign

Tell me about your project, and I’ll come up with a personalized quote.


I evaluate your current email copy and sequencing strategy, study your audience, and analyze your metrics to develop a plan for an overnight turnaround in open rates, engagement, and visits to your site.

  • Audience/persona research

  • Competitor research

  • Email performance analysis

  • Current email review (max 12)

  • Report of findings and suggestions

  • My specially developed Email Writing Guide

  • I’ll throw in a free first email written by me!

    Ready for an overnight turnaround in your email performance?



Here’s what happens when you click any of those white buttons ^

  1. You’re taken to a quick intake form that asks you about your business goals, budget, and a little more info to get us started.

  2. We jump on a 20 minute phone call to make sure we’re a good fit.

  3. If we are, I send you the paperwork and we schedule an onboarding call.

  4. We spend some time talking about the project, and then I get to work.

  5. You watch the power of language and content bring your brand the growth you’ve been dreaming of!


What Clients Say

Sam found a way to get inside my head and articulate my brand’s mission and services exactly as I wanted them to be expressed. She is a skillful, savvy, premium writer, and I wouldn’t work with anybody else, especially when the success of my business is at stake.

Sam is friendly and flexible to work with, a pleasure all around. Whenever I need more writing done, I will always go back to her and pay for the best. A copywriter as skilled as Sam is a rare gem, I’m just glad I found her.
— Gabriel Marino | Founder | Roraima Gourmet
The articles Sam writes are thoughtful and compelling. She knows how to pull readers in with intriguing information and a friendly tone. A talented researcher as well, she packs her articles with knowledge and substance that our visitors have really responded to.

I absolutely recommend working with Sam if you’re looking for the highest quality professional writing. She will listen to your project goals and then put her writing to work for you, producing content that readers love.
— Jennifer Corujo | Digital Marketing Specialist | VocabularySpellingCity