Today’s consumer suffers from inbox overload.

How do you stand out amid all the noise?

A catchy subject line is a great start.

From there, every single sentence must be crafted with the CTA (call to action) in mind.

Emails are so short you’d think they’d be easy… but they’re actually one of the most challenging forms of content there is.

You have to explain and also energize, be concise but cute and clever.

Email challenges you to turn a tiny word count into a huge sales boost, to transform a few lines of text into a journey that leads your audience right where you want them to go.

You need an experienced writer on your side if you want to stand out in your audience’s inbox and truly take advantage of this cost-effective marketing avenue with amazing potential for your business goals.


Email Services

Email Writing + Strategy

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I will review your customer research, conduct my own, analyze your metrics, and get to work composing the marketing equivalent of poetry for you: short, sweet, and emotionally powerful emails. We’ll determine the most impactful types of email for your business when we talk:

  • Welcome & Onboarding

  • Post-Welcome Drip

  • Promo Campaign

  • Seasonal Campaign

  • Action-Triggered Series

  • Cart Abandon or Cancels

  • Re-engagement Campaign

    Tell me about your project, and I’ll come up with a personalized quote.


Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: We will get started with a 20 minute call to make sure we’re a good match.

  • Step 2: I send you the paperwork and we have our onboarding call.

  • Step 3: The conversion copywriting begins! I craft emails that address your most pressing needs, whether that’s energizing new members with a welcome series, or waking up sleeper accounts with a reactivation campaign.

  • Step 4: I send over the email campaign for your review, I edit (if needed), and we have our wrap up call.

Email Audit

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I evaluate your current email copy and sequencing strategy, study your audience, and analyze your metrics to develop a plan for an overnight turnaround in open rates, engagement, and visits to your site.

  • Audience/persona research

  • Competitor research

  • Email performance analysis

  • Current email review (max 12)

  • Report of findings and suggestions

  • My specially developed Email Writing Guide

  • I’ll throw in a free first email written by me!

    Ready for overnight turnaround in your email performance?


Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: We will get started with a 20 minute call to make sure we’re a good match.

  • Step 2: I send you the paperwork and we finalize payment before proceeding.

  • Step 3: You grant me access to your email server so I can take a look at your performance metrics and past sending strategies. I’d also like any customer/persona data and branding guidelines you have, as well as up to 12 emails to evaluate.

  • Step 4: We have our strategy call as I examine what you’ve been doing well and what you can improve upon. I draft a full report and create an action plan that you can implement immediately.

  • Step 5: You let me know if you have any further questions, and we have a wrap-up call.

Looking to check out the other services I offer? Visit my services page.

Or, take a look at my portfolio for examples of my previous work.


What Clients Say

Sam found a way to get inside my head and articulate my brand’s mission and services exactly as I wanted them to be expressed. She is a skillful, savvy, premium writer, and I wouldn’t work with anybody else, especially when the success of my business is at stake.

Sam is friendly and flexible to work with, a pleasure all around. Whenever I need more writing done, I will always go back to her and pay for the best. A copywriter as skilled as Sam is a rare gem, I’m just glad I found her.
— Gabriel Marino | Founder | Roraima Gourmet
The articles Sam writes are thoughtful and compelling. She knows how to pull readers in with intriguing information and a friendly tone. A talented researcher as well, she packs her articles with knowledge and substance that our visitors have really responded to.

I absolutely recommend working with Sam if you’re looking for the highest quality professional writing. She will listen to your project goals and then put her writing to work for you, producing content that readers love.
— Jennifer Corujo | Digital Marketing Specialist | VocabularySpellingCity