Health freak, art geek, and all-around humanist, I specialize in writing articles and web copy for health and wellness brands.

Whether you’re a nutrition coach ready to share your expertise with the world or a wellness company looking to vamp up your brand voice, I am the writer for you.

Let me help you connect more quickly and deeply with your audience, build brand love and loyalty, and inspire your niche market to choose you time and time again.


Make a real connection with your audience, be a brand they trust, and watch your business grow.

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Blog & Article Writing


You want to be a brand that your audience knows and trusts. You want to show that your business genuinely cares and is here to make their lives easier.

How do you do that? Give them thoughtful, well-researched articles free of charge. It’s the best way to form a bond while showing off your expertise in your field.

When your audience decides to make a purchase, guess which brand they will turn to first? Meet the power of branded content. Just make sure to do it right.

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Copywriting & Branding


It can be daunting to stare at a blank screen and project all your hopes and dreams for your business onto that sea of empty, expectant pixels.

From bold homepage copy to detailed product descriptions, I will help you highlight what makes your brand special and how you will change your audience’s lives for the better.

Tell the story of your brand in such a clear and compelling way that first-time visitors feel like they know you, and long-time clients stay loyal to you. The end result? Beautiful, boundless gains for your business.

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Email Campaigns & Audit


Do you want to increase open rates and click through rates for your emails?

Email marketing has an average ROI of 122%, and you probably want in on that kind of success.

I build strategic email series that charm and engage your audience while persuading them to convert.

I also offer an email audit of your current strategy to identify why you aren’t getting the conversions that you should, and set you up for an overnight turnaround.


What Clients Say

Sam found a way to get inside my head and articulate my brand’s mission and services exactly as I wanted them to be expressed. She is a skillful, savvy, premium writer, and I wouldn’t work with anybody else, especially when the success of my business is at stake.

Sam is friendly and flexible to work with, a pleasure all around. Whenever I need more writing done, I will always go back to her and pay for the best. A copywriter as skilled as Sam is a rare gem, I’m just glad I found her.
— Gabriel Marino | Founder, Roraima Gourmet
The articles Sam writes are thoughtful and compelling. She knows how to pull readers in with intriguing information and a friendly tone. A talented researcher as well, she packs her articles with knowledge and substance that our visitors have really responded to.

I absolutely recommend working with Sam if you’re looking for the highest quality professional writing. She delivers content above and beyond the typical freelancer. I couldn’t be more pleased with her services.

— Jennifer Corujo | Digital Marketing Specialist, VocabularySpellingCity

A little more about my writing

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What’s my tone?

I’m a chameleon capable of getting down to business with professional, polished writing or pulling on your audience’s heartstrings by getting vulnerable and making them feel like they’re reading a friend. If you want me to unleash my personal flavor on your brand, I’d say I’m mid-twenties hip in a nerd-chic kinda way, good at making things sound casual when really a ton of thought and research has gone into what I’m saying.

What exactly do I write about?

I’ll accept most topics you throw at me because my work always starts with research - part of the job is being able to quickly wrap my mind around a complex subject so that I can distill it down to its essence and make it engaging for your readers. Nevertheless, I do have some favorite subject matter, and it all relates to health and wellness.

Favorite topics:

*travel * nutrition * yoga * spirituality * mindfulness * creativity & the arts * divergent thinking & alternative lifestyles *socio-cultural movements * living abroad *environmentalism *natural beauty and sustainable fashion* literature & film reviews * self care *millennial struggles*


A little more about me…

I have traveled to 23 countries, 6 continents, and counting! I also lived abroad in 3 foreign countries and became proficient in a second language, Spanish. Connecting with different cultures, languages, and landscapes is my greatest inspiration as a writer.